Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rose of Versailles Review

A woman raised as a man must protect Marie Antoinette.

Many people whose opinions I trust love this anime. Plus it's one of the most influential shoujo series of all time so I went in expecting great things. And they were great.

Although rarely was I entertained. The beginning arc that focused on the hatred and rivalry between Marie Antoinette and Madame DuBarry dragged on way too long in my opinion. Once that arc passed, I began to enjoy it a little more. (Episode nineteen sticks out to me particularly.) However it wasn't until the final (French Revolution) arc that I really began to feel engrossed in Rose of Versailles.

One of the best parts of Rose of Versailles is how we follow Oscar from her adolescence through adulthood. It was great to watch her grow has a soldier, as a woman, and have her views evolve. Oscar is definitely one of the best anime heroines because she actually felt like a person. The other characters were also great and had their own personalities, goals and agendas.

The worst part of the show is that the animation has not held up well at all. Rose of Versailles was animated in the late 70s and it certainly shows. But if dated animation is the worst part of a show, I think it can be forgiven.


* CHARACTERS - A - Oscar is a great protagonist.

* ART - C - Nice style, but the animation hasn't held up well at all.


* ENJOYMENT - C- - Didn't start to really enjoy it until the last arc.


Recommendations: Revolutionary Girl Utena
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