Sunday, September 22, 2013

le rose de versailles

rose of versailles () is a sh jo manga created by riyoko ikeda; it also makes the best stickers for the app LINE - an alternative cross-platform mobile messaging app to whataspp. for a drama queen like me, a manga sticker with over the top expression makes my day. anyway, the manga's been adapted into takarazuka revue musicals, as well as anime television series. here's the story : oscar fran ois de jarjayes, a girl raised as a man to become her father's successor as leader of the palace guards, was torn between her double identity. drama! her relationships with marie antoinette & count axel von fersen were also full of ... drama. & the real show stopper was the love story between oscar & her best friend andrgrandier. andr( the grandson of the nanny of oscar ) & oscar learned fencing & horsemanship growing up together. he had a huge crush on her & their class difference was not helping. one day he finally manned up & told her about how much love he had for her when they started helping the insurgents at the dawn of the french revolution, but oscar was like, no. this champ never gave up though, he even lost his eye sight from saving oscar from some melodramatic danger the other day. then came the gut wrenching turn - andrwas hit from a stray bullet & died the day after oscar finally changed her mind & accepted his love & loyalty ... sadness aside, the gif above simply sums up how hilariously epic this dra-manga can be & below you shall see all the purdiness from the story
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Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday, September 9, 2013

Dear Brother, I'm writing to you to in hopes of funding this DVD release.

Everyone was speculating about how would do and what would happen when funding came down to the wire. We've now seen people rally and make titles like and happen while others were stopped short.

Consider this post an encouragement to fund the recent addition to the AnimeSols line-up, . This is the type of show I believe AnimeSols should be courting, it fits perfectly. Dear Brother is a classic, it is fairly well-known, and the original manga is from creator of . The anime was adapted by Tezuka Productions and directed by the indomitable .

Sunday, September 8, 2013

2008: A Briton's Guide to Anime

@ writes manga reviews and features for , anime and manga reviews for , and a "Beginner's Guide to Anime" for . He has a degree in Media Studies from Teesside University, where his love of anime really flourished. He also works for his local anime convention, in Middlesbrough. His main ambition is to boost the reputation of anime in Britain, which is not always good in the eyes of the media and general public.In this article, I will be mainly be talking about the anime industry in the United Kingdom, but for those of you from outside of the UK, don't worry; there will still be plenty of interest. Plenty of anime will be covered--some fantasy, some sci-fi, some historical and some romantic.

The thing people have to understand about anime in the UK, however, is that it has never really had a good reputation. This first occurred with the video release of the tentacle-rape themed Urotsukid ji: Legend of the Overfiend back in the 1990s. When it came out, the newspapers attacked it, saying how horrible and violent Japanese cartoons were, as all cartoons for the British were for kids. Attacks came from both the left-wing and right-wing presses. However, in the end the moral panic it stirred up backfired, as Urotsukid ji accidentally received all this free publicity in a country where the anime market at the time was very small. Sales of the video boomed.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Two Important and Must-Be-Watched Anime Series

I'm sure many of you have that anime series that is fond to you and which you always come back to watch when you want to watch something interesting, fun and memorable. In the case of the two series I'm about to mention have the distinction of being two of the more admired between the anime fans on anime's history.

The first one I want to recommend you is Versailles no Bara which is translated as The Rose of Versailles and is also know by the arternative name of Lady Oscar. This 40 episode series has a dramatic and epic story in which we follow the story of a woman called Oscar who gets that name because of her father's wish to have a boy that continues with the family's tradition of becoming a royal guard in France before the revolution. With this introduction we watch a great story in which we watch the troubles that Oscar and her beloved and admired people face, many dramatic situations when fullfiling Oscar with her duty as a royal guar or doing what is right and honest for the people besides that she can't do some things as a woman that she wishes. And to add more interest on the story all of this is mixed with the political deceptions and conflicts in which Oscar gets involved due to her close relation with the royal family and more when these are the times before the French Revolution having a fiction story on the site of the historic happenings. In addition to all that I described the illustration on the style of it's time it's very fitting with the story being relevant the role of the director Osamu Dezaki creating his distinctive sequences of dramatic illustrations wher the color, expressions and background play an important part in the emotion of many moments.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Viki Acquired by Rakuten Internet Services

The Japanese Internet services company Rakuten has announced that it has acquired the global streaming platform Viki. Rakuten did not disclose the terms of the deal; however the All Things D website cited anonymous sources that Viki was acquired for US$200 million.

Viki launched in December 2010, and it uses crowd-sourcing from its community users to create subtitles for its video content in different languages. Viki began streaming anime in 2012, and the anime streams that the site has provided have included Ozma, Black Jack, Astro Boy, and The New Adventures of Kimba the White Lion. Viki also collaborated with Right Stuf International to license The Rose of Versailles television anime series.