Sunday, September 22, 2013

le rose de versailles

rose of versailles () is a sh jo manga created by riyoko ikeda; it also makes the best stickers for the app LINE - an alternative cross-platform mobile messaging app to whataspp. for a drama queen like me, a manga sticker with over the top expression makes my day. anyway, the manga's been adapted into takarazuka revue musicals, as well as anime television series. here's the story : oscar fran ois de jarjayes, a girl raised as a man to become her father's successor as leader of the palace guards, was torn between her double identity. drama! her relationships with marie antoinette & count axel von fersen were also full of ... drama. & the real show stopper was the love story between oscar & her best friend andrgrandier. andr( the grandson of the nanny of oscar ) & oscar learned fencing & horsemanship growing up together. he had a huge crush on her & their class difference was not helping. one day he finally manned up & told her about how much love he had for her when they started helping the insurgents at the dawn of the french revolution, but oscar was like, no. this champ never gave up though, he even lost his eye sight from saving oscar from some melodramatic danger the other day. then came the gut wrenching turn - andrwas hit from a stray bullet & died the day after oscar finally changed her mind & accepted his love & loyalty ... sadness aside, the gif above simply sums up how hilariously epic this dra-manga can be & below you shall see all the purdiness from the story
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