Saturday, September 7, 2013

Two Important and Must-Be-Watched Anime Series

I'm sure many of you have that anime series that is fond to you and which you always come back to watch when you want to watch something interesting, fun and memorable. In the case of the two series I'm about to mention have the distinction of being two of the more admired between the anime fans on anime's history.

The first one I want to recommend you is Versailles no Bara which is translated as The Rose of Versailles and is also know by the arternative name of Lady Oscar. This 40 episode series has a dramatic and epic story in which we follow the story of a woman called Oscar who gets that name because of her father's wish to have a boy that continues with the family's tradition of becoming a royal guard in France before the revolution. With this introduction we watch a great story in which we watch the troubles that Oscar and her beloved and admired people face, many dramatic situations when fullfiling Oscar with her duty as a royal guar or doing what is right and honest for the people besides that she can't do some things as a woman that she wishes. And to add more interest on the story all of this is mixed with the political deceptions and conflicts in which Oscar gets involved due to her close relation with the royal family and more when these are the times before the French Revolution having a fiction story on the site of the historic happenings. In addition to all that I described the illustration on the style of it's time it's very fitting with the story being relevant the role of the director Osamu Dezaki creating his distinctive sequences of dramatic illustrations wher the color, expressions and background play an important part in the emotion of many moments.

The second series I recommend you is Akage no Anne a series based on the canadian novel called Anne of Green Gables. This is a series placed on the begginings of the 20th century that tells the story of the red haired girl Ann Shirley who got orphan very little having a very tough life going from one home to another until by mistake is sent to live with the old Cuthberts that live on the country in Canada. A story with a very good drama development in which we get to know the unique personality of Anne who is very smart, imaginative and very emotional getting in trouble sometimes because she tells many times honestly what she feels or thinks. So as the story goes on and the characters grow older we get apreciate each of them like the Cuthberts, Mathew the shy and nice old man that always spoils and loves deeply Anne since the first day he met her andMarilla who is pratical and strict but just and nice being Anne's guide as she grows, and Anne is a girl that will become in awomman that we'll love and esteem for what she is and has lived. This is a series That will move us from the beginning to end leaving us the characters a very emotive impression. This series belong to the World Masterpiece Theater collection which are anime series based on classic literature from which have come many memorable series that are very recommendable.
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