Thursday, November 28, 2013

Yuri Gift Guide 2013

In honor of the spirit of the season, that is to say, rampant consumerism along with seasonal shifts ^^, I've been putting together a Gift Guide for folks who are Yuri fans for the past few years. (Click the link to see the previous years' .) Finally, you have a short, simple list with links, that you pass over to your family, and say - "Here, I want this." ^^

This year's list is in no order, just as they come to mind. As usual, feel free to suggest ideas in the comments!


Don't know what get or what to ask for? This gift is good for anyone, pretty much, especially now that CR has added manga to the mix. There's bound to be something there for any fan. For as little as the cost of a sandwich per month, you and/or someone you love can access tons of anime, and watch as the selection of manga grows! There's no real down-side to this gift. ^^Popular with Yuri fans of all kinds, this high-school love drama is available complete in one volume. Translated by our friend Anastasia Moreno, you can be sure that the girl gets the girl.

This completeset also includes other one-shot stories by Morinaga-sensei that ran in Comic Yuri Hime in the magazine's early years.

WHISPERED WORDS by Takashi Ikeda

If you or your friend can wait until spring for it, this Volume 1 of 3 will be a great Yuri gift. This silly, then serious, then realistic, then delightful school romance contains every Yuri trope ever including the one where the girl gets the girl and lives happily ever after. You just gotta wait for it. ^^

I have every reason to believe that this will be an exceptional addition to every English-reader's Yuri collection.

SAILOR MOON by Naoko Takeuchi () ()

Because Sailor Moon changed the world and changed both anime and manga in ways we're still feeling even now. Because we would not have had Yuri the way we think of it without it, (and you should meet Haruka and Michiru if you have never formally met.)

If you have not yet had a chance to experience the manga (so you can compare it with the upcoming anime) this is a perfect gift to grace your shelves!

WANDERING SON by Shimura Takako

This manga is not "Yuri" but has characters that are sexual and/or gender minorities.

This is exactly the kind of book holiday lists are made for. Hardcover, beautiful reproduction. This is a keepsake, the kind of thing you hold on to and re-read over and over.

I know this was on last year's gift guide, but just in case you haven't had the chance to get it yet, this makes a perfect gift for you or a fan close to you who wants to have you over for a watch-a-thon. ^^

A very slightly idealized story of a girl falling in and out of love and learning to be the person she is.A terrific story, told be a terrific storyteller.

ROSE OF VERSAILLES by Riyoko Ikeda () ()

This classic, containing the second Girl Prince to grace anime, is epic in scope, soapy of story, and shiny and tragic and wonderful. Like too-rich chocolates, it's best savored in small doses. But is definitely should be savored.

When you're enjoying any anime with a suave, masculine female character, when Sei is being the consummate Takarazuka Top Star, or Haruka is making Usagi blush, remember it was paragon of honor and nobility Oscar de Jarjeyes who set that benchmark - and she has never been bested. (And thanks to AnimeSols, we can look forward to Oscar's complete opposite - tortured, depressed Saint Juste from , in days to come.)

I don't have any real coals to offer this year, so I'll just go out of the pale and suggest that if you're looking for something good whether it's Yuri or not, I suggest . Giving nothing critical away, this is a not-cute or sweet story with characters who have more than one emotion each, which has hooks into the current zombie craze and an interesting storyline. It's especially good for teens and adults who don't find typical Shounen Jump-style fighting series to be compelling.

There you have it - my suggestions for 2013. Please feel free to toss in your own in the comments and if any of them really rock, I'll move them up into the post. Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating. Once again, I am so very thankful to each one of you for reading Okazu, today and every day. ^^ Send to Kindle
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