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Top Ten Yuri Anime of 2013

Taking a break from news this week, to start on my year-end lists. 2013 was not a strong Yuri anime season, and is basically a "oh look it's out in English" year from last year. So, you could just go and read the over again. ^^ But that's not fair, I owe you a list and by gum, I'm going to find stuff to say, darn it!It's imperative you have the chance to be angry at me at this time of year for not noticing something you liked.Go ahead and hit me with your Top Ten in the comments. For me, this year "Top" means, "I can squeeze it on this list, phew". ^^

Tied for 10- , and ,, , , and any other "Snatches of Yuri" we have missed here on Okazu.

A college professor of mine, in regards to the refinements made by classical Greek sculptors and architects, once remarked "If you know it's there, you can say you see it." In regards to Yuri in anime, I say to you, "If you see it it's there."

Vividred and Fate/Zero especially, were selling the Yuri heavily through goods when I was in Japan.

6 -( and )

This was excellent and I've talked it to death, but if you are new to Okazu, let me reassure you that, as space opera goes, this series was everything we could have wanted it to be. This year it became available on DVD, Blu-Ray and is still available to watch legally, for free (with regional restrictions) . This series was so good that, not only am I looking forward to , I'm toying with the idea of flying to Japan to see it when it comes out. It is *that* good. ^^

5 -

This series was more interesting now that it's old and out of date than when it was when it was new and talking about a yet-unknown future. I'm still on the fence about Alice and Lain, but I could see potential, given time and opportunity. Having a chance to rewatch this series really got me thinking about ourrequirements for a Yuri couple these days. If there's anything that has radically altered in the last decade, it is this - we expect our couples to be a couple, not a hint of a couple. That's a pretty huge sea change, if you think about it.

4 -

Technically, this series is a "Snatches of Yuri" series, since the Yuri relationship was not much more than an aside. But in the middle of intense psychological drama, horror and violence - the lesbian couple live happily ever after. That counts for a lot in my book. The series is coming out on andin English next year, and is still available to watch free, legally (with regional restrictions) .

And now we roll up our sleeves .and talk about amazing, fabulous series that we can't stop talking about.

3 -

Aoi Hana/Sweet Blue Flowers was the epitome of the shoujo Yuri story. It starts off as a tale of an "S" relationship, but quickly segues into an honest - and therefore, sometimes painful - tale of growing up, falling in love and growing up some more.

In Fumi, we finally found the role model we'd always wanted when we were young and in Aoi Hana we, at last, have the perfect example of a genre romance Yuri anime, sans parody elements.Aoi Hana is the Yuri anime we were all waiting for so we could move past it to something even more amazing.

In 2013 everything old was new again, as RightStuf, Viki and AnimeSols all scrambled to bring us some of the finest classic shoujo anime that has ever been created.

2 -

Along with Princess Knight, Rose of Versailles is revered among Yuri fans, not for the small snigglings of Yuri within the story, but for the archetype of the Girl Prince, whom we have adored, desired and desired to be since she arrived.

We fully understand the adoration laid at Oscar's feet by the ladies of the French court, although we ourselves are more like Rosalie, unable to express our interest. And who among us has not thought how different the ending of the series might have been if Oscar and Marie Antoinette had been lovers? ^^

It's still one of the very hardest things for me to watch, but compelling drama and a dashing Girl Prince make Rose of Versailles my #2 for the year.

Probably not for the first time, we honor Riyoko Ikeda with a 1-2 combination this year. Okazu's #1 Yuri Anime of 2013 is:This year not only gave us the chance to watch this cracktastic shoujo dramafor free, legally (with region restrictions), but they gave us a chance to get it out on DVD and more than 200 of us heeded the call, so that Sets 1 and 2 will be available- for ourselves and to those people who want it later. Set 2 was especially amazing as, in conjunction with Anime Sols double-up weekend, it was fully funded in less than 72 hours.As a sign that the western anime audience is ready, willing and able to support decent anime with Yuri themes, I name Dear Brother this year's top Yuri anime. (Japanese anime industry, we are *so* ready for you to swing back away from moe. Really ready. Any day now.)

2014 is already primed with Sailor Moon and Sakura Trick coming in this winter. Here's hoping for a great 2014 for Yuri! Send to Kindle
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