Friday, August 23, 2013

Crowdfunding begins for Riyoko Ikeda's 'Dear Brother' Anime on Animesols

announced the beginning of Round 2 of crowdfunding for classic anime DVD sets yesterday, Japan time. With several sets already funded (Creamy Mami,Black Jack) they started round 2 off with a bang that's sure to please classic Yuri fans - Riyoko Ikeda'smelodrama Oniisama E, .

AnimeSols is (which is also available legally on ), Episode 1 is up already (region limitations may apply.)

Crowdfunding is open until November and it's off to a strong start already, with a very decent chance of being 1/4 funded by end of the first day. (Of course I have already pledged. I love this series for all its crazy. Here's my and of it. I make no apologies about my feelings about Saint-Juste. ^^

I feel completely confident that all the Yuri and Shoujo fans out there will make this happen. We already have Rose of Versailles. I can't think of anything better than sitting Dear Brother right next to those. ^^

Please share the news with your mailing lists, Tumblrs, Blogs, Groups and the like. This is one of the oldest classic Yuri anime we'll ever get a chance to own. ^^ Send to Kindle
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