Saturday, August 31, 2013

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Via YNN Correspondent Shannon L.- Media Blasters has licensed an anime from the mid-'00s called . It has Yuri, but before you get excited, you might want to take a deep breath and readfrom 2005. If you like stuff I don't, you'll love this.^^;

that Survival Game Club manga, SABAGEBU! is . Check out to see what Yuri you can expect.

First visuals for upcoming Yuri anime SAKURA TRICK have been sighted. Crunchyroll's Scott Green .

YNN Correspondent Jackie S. wants to make sure everyone knows that the Crunchyroll license for has ended as of August 30.YURI VN

YNN Correspondent and Guest Reviewer C. Banana would like to letfans know that there is a Yuri VNcalled , that is both legal and translated available for purchase. (Thanks for the correction, Lin!)YURI MANGA

The final volume of () will hit shelves in Japan on September 12. (TT)

September will also see the street date for () and()

From Twitter, here is a preview of theSAILOR MOON manga release in Japan.OTHER NEWS

While we're talking Sailor Moon, here's an article about the Tumblr , in which people take individual frames of the anime and redraw them. The project is scattered across Tumblr, so click around there for more!

YNN Correspondent David M. reports yet another , this time from Megahouse.

From the "no, really" files, I want to first remind you of the . Then after you've stopped laughing, check out of it. I have no idea where this was from. ^^

One moreRose of Versailles item, because I can -if you think you know everything ever about the series,is now taking applications, according to Comic Natalie.

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