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Anime Mondays #25

I guess it's safe to say it's officially summer when the temperature almost hits 90 degrees two days in a row, huh?At least if you live where I do.Thankfully, I've been abusing the air conditioning all week.I'd like to kiss whoever invented central air, let me tell you.Hey, Monday!

All images are from , and there are spoilers listed up to the episodes below!


I pretty much devoured all of what Funimation dubbed of this show back when they started coming out with their SAVE editions.I loved it.Sure, it's about some little kid who tries to be a normal school girl while being a big tv star, but it's about so much more than that.The characters are ridiculous and dramatic all rolled into one, and I don't care about the flack other people give this release because I guess the original music wasn't kept?I think it's amazing.Unfortunately, this show never got a full English release, and about half of it was thrown to the wolves.It's definitely not so great in Japanese.I was able to keep up with Laura Bailey's manic Sana in English, but in another language, the dialogue and the singing just goes by so quickly that it's hard to keep up.It's taken me years to even pick it back up once I finished the English dub, and I know it'll take me just as long, if not longer, to finish the entire series.The Funimation dub certainly had charm and it just doesn't carry over to the original language track.

Yu Yu Hakusho - Episodes 40-42

Told you I was going to continue watching this this week.The gang defeated another team in the tournament, which included that weird Scottish guy.I still couldn't understand anything he said.Thankfully, in the next group of episodes, there will be an all new group to fight.I'm still not burnt out on this.Maybe if it drags out for the entire season, but I think it's going to end before the box set is over I hope.


This show keeps getting better and better.It's got the right amount of melodrama mixed with a plot that won't quit.You already know I know almost nothing about this historical period, but the narration intermixes the history with the fictional parts of this story perfectly even if it is chock full of spoilers.It makes you pay attention to certain characters and scenes that you wouldn't otherwise.Now that Marie is Queen of France, she's just as frivolous as ever, especially when her secret boyfriend gets sent away because he's distracting.In this group of episodes, she feels pressure to have a baby.Why you gotta go and make things so complicated?Poor Marie.Now she's not only trapped in a loveless marriage with her husband, but she has to sleep with him, too.And if she ever did sleep with her secret boyfriend, that would be cheating.Ugh.Oscar has a duel with an asshole Duke and shoots him in the hand because she can't bear to actually kill someone and man.I just love these characters.I love this show.My volume two shipped insanely early, too, so I don't have to hold back on watching this anymore.July marathon?I think so!


You guys.YOU GUYS.THE MAKUBEX ARC IS FINALLY OVER!!!I'd like to tell you that it ended with a bang or a flash or a giant explosion where everybody died, but guess what?It was another power of friendship ending.Seriously?Seriously???I'm so disappointed.This arc lasted more than half of the show's first season, and other than proving that the bad guys weren't all that bad, it was completely pointless.Also, the first episode in the new season is a freaking hot springs episode.No, I'm not kidding.I don't hate this show enough to drop it, but I just am so sad.When it was finally coming to a close, it had so much potential and then major cop out.I wish so many arcs didn't end in this same exact way, really, I do.


I had almost forgotten about this show.I liked it when I first started it, but then I heard the ending was bad and pushed it to the side.All it took was a to remind me that I had to finish it, so I took to the Funimation Roku channel soon after.Sidenote: these reviews are outstanding.They are among the best edited and written ones on youtube, and if you've got time to kill, you won't regret going and watching them all.I may or may not have done it for all the shows I've seen already.Whoops.Anyway, DEADMAN WONDERLAND is about this kid who is falsely accused of murdering his entire class who gets sent to this prison where all the prisonershave to compete in these Hunger Games-esque activities for the amusement of the public.Obviously, the plot appealed to me at first.Hello, remember my jones for The Hunger Games?Okay then.However, it deviates from this when we learn our main guy, Ganta, can shoot his blood as a projectile weapon.This puts him in a different section of the prison where people have to fight tournament style.It's a really fucked up show.And, unfortunately, everyone is right about the ending: it sucks.It ends, but almost nothing is resolved.In fact, once Ganta gets into the other section of the prison, the entire show rushes through just about everything.At one point he joins a group of vigilantes who plan to escape, and I literally thought I missed part of the episode because he went from joining the group to immediately going into this plan.It just didn't make sense.In fact, I didn't get the big twist at the end until I watched the video commentary by the English dub cast because they spoil it.Now, knowing this, I want to go back and watch the whole thing over to try and make sense of the shit that went down, but I probably won't.It would have benefited greatly from another 12 episodes, but we'll never get them, so I'm not even bothering to hope.I ranked this show 7/10 on MAL.


I purchased this show because I thought it was going to be about re-done fairy tales, which I am completely obsessed with.And it is but it isn't.It's more a school show with little fairy tale twists thrown in there for the hell of it.And I'm saddened to say that it's just not interesting at all.In a show like this, the characters need to be familiar and likable and I just don't care about any of them at all.It's becoming a chore to get through, and honestly, I haven't picked it back up in over a year.I'm trying to watch the stuff I actually own so I know whether or not I need to bring it with me when I move or put it away, so I want to finish this but it wasn't meant to happen this week.Maybe when inspiration strikes, I'll pick it back up.Maybe.


Yeah, I started watching this because of another Glass Reflection review.I'm a glutton for punishment.I had to see what all the fuss was about.And honestly I thought it would be a lot worse.Granted, I only watched the first episode, and the violence was pretty high, but at least it wasn't like ELFEN LIED quality, which I absolutely loathed.The plot hasn't exactly come into play that much yet, and I don't know if I'm going to watch any more of this show right away, but it wasn't terrible.I didn't like the art style, but I've seen movies way worse than this.Yes, I sat through Hostel 2.I'm not proud of this fact.


In previous Anime Mondays, I talked about how much I liked the MAGIC USER'S CLUB OVA.It was a power of friendship story, sure, but I actually believed it for once.That shit made me cry, okay.The tv series .eh.I tried watching the first episode before and I couldn't really get into it.Now that I've seen the first four, I still can't really get into it.It's like it took all the great, serious plot-driven moments out of of the OVA and squashed them into this mindless mush of a television series.I'm going to hope it gets better, but right now it's just a school slice of life with a little magic thrown in.What a disappointment.




Alright, now I'm going back to watching this recorded version of The Phantom of the Opera.No judging.I love musicals.Don't be a hater.
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