Friday, July 12, 2013

The Weekly Backlog

After a week of being unproductive (anime-wise, at least), I got back on track this weekend. Sometimes I have a habit of not doing the things I like and want to do an instead do things that require no thought or concentration. I really hate it when I do that too much.



What a ride this series was. The character I thought for certain wouldn't last through to the end, did. Unexpected romances existed, changes of heart occurred, and it all flowed nicely together. The final episode was a bit weird-it felt really short compared to all of the other episodes for some reason and there wasn't a cohesiveness for it. Instead, it was just saying goodbye to our friends, I suppose.

I'm really glad I watched this show, and hope that perhaps Rose of Versailles has done well enough that perhaps we'll get this as well-or perhaps the manga (wouldn't mind seeing if there's more plot there).



Episode 22 was actually somewhat fun since there was a lot less of the "I should Lillia the truth but I'm not going to yet" waffling by Treize, and some fun action with the first generation (I love grown up Will)! And then episode 23 followed along the same path and kept things fairly light. I loved Will's expression when Lillia finds Treize on the train. Even he hadn't anticipated his wife and daughter joining them, and his bemusement in watching interactions is nice. As much as I didn't want to watch these episodes, they were better than expected in large part because there was more first generation scenes and fewer irritating Treize and Lillia scenes. Oh if only the show were called Allison & Fiona instead

As an aside (and possibly one I've brought up before), one thing that really bothers me is that while Allison's absentee dad actually gets to be in the opening animation, Merielle doesn't get to be in it, even in scenes that look like they're family gatherings. It's really weird, and for a while I thought they were going to kill her off. Instead, I think they just keep forgetting that she exists.GOALS FOR THE WEEK OF JUNE 3, 2013

Watch 2 episodes of Tari Tari

Finish watching Allison & Lillia

Time to switch back to something modern (and short!) for the streaming backlog!
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