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I'm not a shopaholic when false, even to Versailles can buy a bunch of things> three steps back I think I still love low-key feel .... in the war room is mainly to show off their feats emperors, probably Like with my dressing room, showing off his trophy is similar to those who bought the truth ... the next war hall leading to the famous cramster login "Hall of Mirrors." Versailles Hall of Mirrors is the most famous hall, I believe that as long as been here people must have this unparalleled luxury decor impressed. hall with side is facing the garden floor windows of 17, while the other side is a mirror composed of more than 400 pieces from the wall. Everyone here will dumbfounded speechless Daileng a while XD At the time, the mirror but very rare product! Louis XIV banquets and nights here, as is so lax officials play. This is not king in order to understand their kindness was the real purpose is to centralization in a consolidate royal status but look at the eyes of the civilian population, which is undoubtedly hold their hard-earned money in the pleasures here, is the famous Queen Mary suites. Queen Mary Originally the Austrian emperor's daughter, 14-year-old became Crown Princess married into the French Palace of Versailles, 19-year-old became the queen of the French cramster login King Louis XVI was no family around to teach her how to become a competent queen she had a chance to learn, but also time to grow up have to face a bunch of aristocratic intrigue, Austria and France, but also to adapt to the political cramster login infighting between this situation for the innocent

and straightforward personality is a crisis - she and her husband, Louis XVI was neither stiff nor romantic man lukewarm he was unable to win Mary's favor. Perhaps this is the tragedy of political marriage, the marriage of a woman is treated as a tool, but can not do anything only silently obey parents arranged to accept everything day to day life of Jean-Marie anguish can only rely on lavish banquet and entertainment to give vent to their loneliness. childhood, Mary grew up in a privileged environment, cramster login she does not know how human sufferings, coupled with innate superiority beautiful face with her excessive demands on clothes jewelry, extravagance become her routine daily made new clothes, jewelry, banquets, gambling, and almost emptied the treasury to Mary, the Queen has a well-known words: "People no bread to eat it? Yeah that gives them eat cake!" everyone knows, this When the French folk have been brewing an anti-royal ambience Eventually, the man from the exotic Queen Mary became a target, the guillotine Mary Queen of the story we should not unfamiliar I stood her gorgeous suite, She can feel lonely in a foreign feeling .... Here is the place to eat the king, the king was eating, other officials sitting next to ((uncomfortable feeling better this way .... Unfortunately, we did not go to a walk in the garden movie, Versailles gardens but often the scene ah! but I heard if you have the opportunity to go to the garden around, you had better be careful because it is particularly big enough to let you get lost! October 6, 1789, Louis XVI was people rely on to Paris, the city, the history cramster login of the palace of Versailles as an end point in the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution, the palace of Versailles all valuables cramster login robbed several times by the people last even demolish the palace doors and windows have been smashed at the current visible one hundred of grievances cramster login how high! while remaining intrauterine art and furniture cramster login shipped to the Louvre and finally all the French Revolution, the Palace of Versailles in ruins 40 years time until another dynasty, reign of Louis Philippe of Orleans King was ordered to repair the Palace of Versailles, to History. Versailles witnessed the decline of the Bourbons, cramster login this history because of the relationship between Queen Mary, were more romantic and more desolate in Versailles export right and left sides, respectively souvenir shops and the famous Laduree macarons stores because the story of Queen Mary, let me crazy shopping at the souvenir shop ((actually I did to commemorate the Versailles worships money and women ah! XDDD Laduree booty after me then share that today the first to share Versailles, in the end there are those pretty little things right! These are my booty share in Versailles defeated souvenirs friends! is not very romantic! pretty pink color, ornate pattern with these small objects to decorate the room, pretending to become masters of Versailles! These are ornaments, I do not remember how much money the impression does not seem cheap, but a rare trip, do not bring some souvenirs back home really feel sorry for myself XD This love is the flannel material, dolphin crystal encrusted above. European totem, this pattern often seen but I do not know what the meaning of it, knowing that little girls can tell me ^ ^ love hanging piece it is decorated with many small pearls sewn. swing little cramster login angel, Isee him think it is really too cute sure to buy it home! These are the coasters, it is suitable to buy back as souvenirs. imagine look, when the Sisters beautifully with this dish brought out tea and cakes for afternoon

tea, is more comfortable picture! cramster login above, it is the Palace of Versailles booty! story on the Queen Mary's Dolls are interested can go and see " Versailles defeated Golden Girls "movie clothing scene is very elegant but first remind everyone that this movie a little boring cramster login yo! after knock, like this article, then you help me by a" push "+" Like "it! Thanksgiving rush head of Hong ~ snoopie10 at May 15, 2012 12:01 PM comment | | prosecute

Goddess to Hello.!! Blasting hot weather today, I wear a small underwear at home fast heat death my friends .. (big money fight) is not on the air conditioner ~ Poof ..... say .. no matter how beat otaku .. I feel this is a good look .. love it.!!! besides. beat up your beauty is good yo.!!! see you now wearing a large coat photos cramster login again, cramster login I heat up the .. Or to eat ice bar ... XDDDD spare time. Do not forget to take care of yourself yo,.!! BY [Queen Goddess] kk13150 at May 15, 2012 12:35 PM comment | prosecute

13th Floor, beautiful yo! Versailles worships money and women have always wanted bearish this is the last will forget - and people do not want to see my family ~ ha ha next time we must hire view!!! Hall of Mirrors where the floor lamp beautiful yo ~ Here also there is little angel Yeah!!!! lovely lighting inside the Palace cramster login of Versailles are beautiful ~ looks thick values not Fei Haha ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I always wanted to ask you where to go Little Angel Charm buy but has been forgotten - the results cramster login actually far in France ... hum hum I want to weep there are other charms are also a good yo how wonderful America so delicate ah ~ even if price is not cheap or buy a home most Memorial yeah!!! PS ni mom that piece I also think it's cramster login beautiful ~ I first spotted it! baby you order it? leorita28 at May 15, 2012 02:21 PM comment | prosecute

22 floor addition to the film The Rose of Versailles cramster login can also look at the comic's review what this history ~ ~ Junghsien at May 15, 2012 09:57 PM comment | prosecute

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invitation to write. Mihara cramster login outfit. I love French Sweetie Mihara outfit Overture. black handsome cramster login girl Japanese booty. cramster login Let me be more love home home small things we shu. Sunny holiday outfit. Dresses invitation to write articles. shu. Sunny holiday outfit. Entertainment cramster login | ran dyed his hair gray-green head hair! There are enough like it! invitation to write. Summer break it! My GOLD FISH holiday ornaments outfit control. My sister TASAKI super Kawai animal pattern chain makeup trial. LANCOME Lancome Runway series. Create a mixed profile

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